Baladev Jew Temple

Sri Baladev Jew Temple is one of the historic temples of Odisha, situated at Ichhapur near Kendrapara. The total area is divided into two (2) parts. First part includes, different temples and second part, is garden. The boundary wall (Bedha) around the temple is 14 feet high.

First boundary (Bedha) consists of 4 main temples namely, Bada Deula or Sri Mandir, Majhi Mandir or Bhog Mandap, Jagamohan or Natya Mandir and Bata Mandir or Mukhasala.

Aruna Stambha, of 40 feet height and 4 feet girth, is standing in front of the temple. The Aruna Stambha is also known as “Astapanda”. The height of main temple (Sri Mandir) is 75 feet and width is 40 feet. It is constructed with heavy Baulamalia stone in traditional 7-step architecture. At the top of the temple, the “Ramanandi Chita”, “Brahma Nilachakra” and at the apex, White flag is fluttering restlessly.

Inside the main temple, 3 deities, Sri Baladev Jew, Sri Jagannath and Devi Subhadra are worshipped on a dais named as “Ratna Simhasana”. Other representative deities are Sri Govinda Jew, Mahalaxmi, Sri Sudarsan, Sri Balgopal and Shalagrama.