The whole district of Keonjhar was a princely state before its merger with Odisha. The early history of the State is not adequately known. It was most probably a part of the old Khijjinga territory with headquarters at Khijjinga Kota, identified with modern Khiching. It became a separate state with Jyoti Bhanja as its ruling chief sometime during the first half of the 12th century A.D.

Geographical Location
The district of Keonjhar, lies between 21° 11’North and 22° 10′ North Latitude and 85 °11′ East to 86° 22′ East Longitude. It presents a panorama of millennia, both from the geographical and anthropological point of view. Spread over an area of 8,240 sq km, it is as varied as the whole of Odisha with water-falls roaring gorges, mountains and minerals. The manifold expressions of nature in this district are unique in Odisha.

The climate of the district is characterised by an oppressively hot summer with high humidity. Summer generally commences in the month of March. Temperature begins to rise rapidly attaining the maximum in the month of May. During the Summer maximum temperature is 38 ° Celsius. The weather becomes more pleasant with the advent of the monsoon in June and remains as such up to the end of October. The temperature in the month of December is lowest i.e. 11.7 ° Celsius. Sometimes it even drops down to 7° C. The average annual rainfall is 1534.5 mms.

Place of Residence Sex Population Scheduled Castes Scheduled Tribes OBC/ General
Total Persons 1,561,990 181,488 695,141 685,361
Male 790,036 91,515 348,666 349,855
Female 771,954 89,973 346,475 335,506
Rural Persons 1,348,967 151,817 644,959 552,191
Male 678,455 76,299 322,999 279,157
Female 670,512 75,518 321,960 273,034
Urban Persons 213,023 29,671 50,182 133,170
Male 111,581 15,216 25,667 70,698
Female 101,442 14,455 24,515 62,472

How to reach there?
Touching the district at Tinda near Mayurbhanj border, NH-6 passes through Khereitangiri, Keonjhargarh, Suakati, Kanjipani and Jagamohanpur. Then the road leaves the district towards Pallahara in Angul district. The nearest airport from here is Bhubaneswar and small airports for helipads & chartered flights are available at Joda & Barbil.

Where to stay?
Because the district is consisting of good and big industries, so the availability of good hotels are also huge.

Places of Interest