Kushaleswar Temple

Kushaleswar temple is situated in the district of Keonjhar, at a distance of 90 km from Keonjhar city and 8 km from Anandapur. The temple is located in the bank of river Kusai. It was built during the 9th century A.D. This temple pays homage to Lord Kushaleswar. The temple was built in Panchamukhi style with five different deities facing towards different directions. Lord Shiva is facing towards East direction, Goddess Parvati towards North direction, Lord Kartikeya and Bhairava towards West direction and Lord Ganesha towards South direction. An important monument of this place is a stone embankment built on the side of the river Kusai, in order to protect the temple from corrosion. This monument is the second of its kind in the State. Major festival of this temple is Shiva Ratri, in which thousands of devotees come to pay homage to the deity.