AtriAtri is a small village in Begunia police station situated in Khurda district. It is by road about 13 km.from Khurda and 2 km. from Baghamari. Amidst paddy fields a hot spring bubbles up from the ground and a strong odour of sulphur pervades the locality. The temperature of the spring water is about 55 degree celsius. The water of the hot spring is collected in a reservoir which is provided with outlets to prevent stagnation. The circumference of the reservoir is 10 feet and the depth is 15 feet. The water is clear and stones lying at the bottom of the reservoir are visible when the sun’s rays fall on the water. It has been calculated that per hour 375 cubic feet of water is flowing out of the reservoir.

The temple of Hatakeswara (Siva) is situated near-by where Sivaratri and Makar Sankranti festivals are held and are attended by a large number of people. The Makar Sankranti festivals lasts for about a fortnight. On the Sankranti day nearly twenty thousand people congregrate at the mela. There is a belief that the spring has the miraculous power of removing the curse of barrenness from women. People throw into the reservoir coconuts, betel nuts, and other fruits and flowers as offering.