KaipadarKaipadar is a village situated Khurda district. The place is well known for the tomb of Bokhari Saheb. Bokhari Saheb was a 18th century Muslim saint and according to local tradition was a close friend of a Hindu hermit both of whom preached their respective religious beliefs with a spirit of synthesis and harmony. Pilgrims, both Hindus and Muslims, visit the tomb to obtain fulfilment of their wishes. Formerly they used to leave a piece of paper in which their desire were written. The paper was kept hanging on a wire along with hundreds of such petitions. As the children were tearing off the petitions now the priests tie the petitions round a pillar.

It is a popular belief that the desires of the petitioners are fulfilled. On every Thursday a big fair is held here and a number of pilgrims congregate to get the blessings of Bokhari Saheb. On the 25th October of every year the birthday of Bokhari Saheb is celebrated here.