Gudahandi Hill

Gudahandi is located in the outskirts of the district of Koraput. Surrounded by hills on threes sides, Gudahandi offers the tourists with a wonderful opportunity to explore the archaeological remnants of the ancient times. Three small hills, all of curved length, are together known as the Gudahandi hills. The North and the South hills join each other in the East leaving a courtyard like Vally in between which is open towards the West. This valley is paved by a huge block of stone slopping down to the East.

The walls of the caves of Gudahandi are carved with beautiful pictures of human beings, animals and flowers. The excellent art work on the walls portrays the rich artistic skills and creative imagination of the local indigenous inhabitants of the ancient times. The engravings on the caves of Gudahandi bear relics to the pictographic art work of the great civilization of Indus Valley.