Nandapur is a historic town, about 44 km south-west of Koraput, in Koraput district of Odisha. It was once the capital of the kingdom of Jeypore. Gadaba tribes are the prominent inhabitants. Nandapur was ruled by Nanda dynasty. Nandapur was influenced by the Jain culture, and now many ruins of temples and deities of Tirthankar are found here.

There are two ancient beautiful sculptures with an image of elephant and Batrisa-Simhasana (throne with 32 steps) and the image of Ganapati (6 feet high) are worth visiting. The place is of great historical importance as researchers have acquired materials connected to its antiquity. The presence of Batrisa-Simhasana (Throne with 32 steps) has led some to believe that it was once a part of the empire of the great Vikramaditya.