Mayur Bhanj
Situated in the Northern boundary of the State, Mayurbhanj has the distinction of being the largest district of the State, both in terms of area and area under forest. Once a prominent kingdom of India, Mayurbhanj has still kept its importance through a number of tourist attractions. It was on 1st January 1949, Mayurbhanj got amalgamated with Odisha, and was recognized as a district. Apart from this Mayurbhanj has also earned the distinction of being administered by two medieval ruling families named as “Mayurs” and “Bhanjas”

Geographical Location
Mayurbhanj is a land-locked district covering a geographical area of 10,418 The district lies between 21°16′ and 22°34′ North latitude and 85°40′ and 87°11′ East longitudes.

Mayurbhanj was an important kingdom of Odisha even after independence. Mayurbhanj is a heavenly place covered with river Budhabalanga, waterfall Barehipani and mountain Meghasana. It is also recognized for its irrigation and power project named Sunei. Mayurbhanj district is famous for horn works, stone & clay works, Tussar silk, jute mills and spinning mills.

Place of Residence Sex Population Scheduled Castes Scheduled Tribes OBC/ General
Total Persons 2,223,456 170,835 1,258,459 794,162
Male 1.123,200 85,844 631,149 406,207
Female 1,100,256 84,991 627,310 387,955
Rural Persons 2,067,756 154.440 1,230.583 682,733
Male 1,041,057 77,436 616,673 346,948
Female 1,026,699 77,004 613,910 335,785
Urban Persons 155,700 16,395 27,876 111,429
Male 82,143 8,408 14,476 59,259
Female 73,557 7,987 13,400 52,170

How to reach there?
Nearest airports are Kolkata- 190 km and Bhubaneswar- 210 km. There was a narrow gauze railway line from Rupsa (Balasore district) to Baripada. But recently a broad gauze railway line is under construction which will be functional soon. Balasore station is the nearest railway station to Mayurbhanj that is at a distance of 0.9 km. The NH-5 passes through the district and connects it with Kolkata and Bhubaneswar. Regular bus services are also available from Baripada and Keonjhar. Frequent trekker services are available too.

Places of Interest