Handibhanga Waterfalls

Handibhanga waterfalls is situated at Bahalda village in the district of Mayurbhanj, at a distance of about 16 km from Baripada and 70 km from Keonjhar. It is a spectacular waterfall, falling from a height of about 30 mtrs. The waterfall is set amidst natural beauty of forest and mountains. Due to the eye catching natural beauty of this place it has attracted large number of tourists over time. The place is also a well known picnic spot. Several of picnickers visit this place every year during the picnic seasons. Another famous picnic spot near this place is Joda. People who come to Joda also visit the sightseeing spot of the Handibhanga waterfall. It is a must to visit place.

Handibhanga waterfall can be reached through road from Keonjhar, Baripada, Joda and Palaspanga. People prefer to visit this place by private or hired vehicles.