Located at a distance of 150 km from Baripada, Khiching is a town known for its ancient temples. It had once served as the capital of Bhanja rulers also. One of the major attractions of Khiching is a temple dedicated to Goddess Chamunda, known for its amazing stone carvings. Other places of interest are Chaulakunj (for its monolithic pillars) and Biratgarh (for its museum).

The temple of Kichakeswari at Khiching, built entirely of chlorite slabs is unique of its kind in India. A plethora of other temples also dominate the place some of which are still in active worship. The small museum situated here boasts of highly important historical specimens of sculpture and art.

Kichakeswari Temple is sited in Bahalda, the capital of Mayurbhanj kingdom in the 14 th century. It lies at a distance of 16 km from Baripada. Dedicated to Goddess Kichakeswari, the temple is known for its architectural beauty.