Narsimha Temple

Narsimha temple is situated in Puri near the famous Jagannath temple. It was built in 10th century at the time of Somavamsi. It is made up of sandstone which is called as Baulamala and Kanda Pathara by local people. The temple is east faced. The whole temple is a single structure without any Jagamohana. The structure of the temple is that of a full fledged Pancha Rath. The wall of the temple is beautifully decorated with scroll works, sculptures, flower design and jali works (honey bee combed pattern design). There are inscription on many parts of the temple including door jambs. The earliest inscription dates back to 1033 A.D. Most of the inscriptions are written in Odia and Sanskrit. The inscriptions depict the events occurred at the time of Chodaganga Dev and Saka. Thus, the temple is not only an important place for devotees but also for archaeologists. It shed light on many historical events occurred in past.