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If you think you would like to contribute to The Odisha360.com, please let us know by dropping an email to newsdesk[@]odisha360.com along with your profile and contact details. For everybody else, we encourage you to join the conversation by adding your comments, which can be found at the foot of every article.

We are accepting short stories (maximum up to 1000-3000 words), poems in Odia, small posts either in 350 or 600 or 800 or 1000 words. It is important that you must be capable and well versed in the content matter you will present. You would also need to guarantee exclusivity of the content to The Odisha360.com.

If you already have some content email immediately to the Editor to submit the same. Otherwise, you may also contact the Editor. We will contact you quickly and set your submission on the path to be published. Final edits will be taken care of by The Odisha360.com as well as publication of your article on the website.

At The Odisha360, we have established some basic Guidelines for Authors to adhere to in an effort to offer articles to readers that are well written and informative. Please read our Submission Guidelines before applying to become an author. Understanding and adhering to The Odisha360 Submission Guidelines will ensure the acceptance, approval and listing of your article in our website.

Submission Guidelines

  • We approve articles and reply to your email within 7 business days with our decision.
  • A writer submitting an article gives an exclusive right by default for publishing for a period of six months (from the date of publication) if the article is accepted for publication. Later, the writer may like to reproduce the article elsewhere, but must provide the reference of its publication on The Odisha360.
  • The Odisha360 reserves the right to publish an article anywhere on our website, e-book, printed copies or may syndicate through RSS Feeds. The pages where the articles will be published may display also other content, including advertising materials.
  • All articles submitted by you must be written/authored by you. Copyright infringement will not be tolerated. Anyone proven guilty of copyright infringement will have their The Odisha360 account closed and all articles removed from the author’s list. The Odisha360 in no way is responsible for any one violating anyone else’s copyright.
  • Content submitted to us should not have been previously published in any form. In the event any complaint relating to the Services is made by any one at any time, whether by a formal legal claim or otherwise, the Author who has submitted us the content will be solely responsible and will fully cooperate with us in responding to and defending against such complaint or claim.
  • After you submit an article to The Odisha360, we have the sole authority to accept or reject any article.
  • Offensive content will be cause for immediate account termination. Articles must not promote hate, racism, pornography, hacking, bomb building, terrorism and other illegal and/or offensive activities.
  • The Author agrees to prevent us from any and all losses, claims, damages, expenses and liabilities including all expenses incurred by us on account of any action arising out of Author’s performance.
  • We are committed to offer a website that would share truthful and accurate information; the Author should not submit articles which contain incorrect information. If at all he/she does so it will be he/she who is solely responsible for this.
  • Please supplement your articles with at least 3 photographs in PNG, JPG format with dimensions (640 x 470 pixels) or more.
  • Every writer should also submit profile information, which we will publish at the foot of the article. This will include your name and a relatively short bio (approximately 50 words), the name and URL of your business, and ideally a Twitter link. Many of your respected colleagues and peers will visit the links included in your author bio.
  • Please title your submission. However we may decide to change it at publication.
  • If you have submitted a piece and haven’t heard back from us in a reasonable amount of time, feel free to send us email.

Thank you in advance. We always strive to connect the writers with their audience, and set the knowledge free. So, why wait? Don’t delay, write today.